Carpet FAQs

Q: Does carpet come with my booth or must I order it?
A: Each show is different. The type of flooring will be noted on the cover page of the exhibitor packet.

Q: What size carpet should I order for my booth?
A: The carpet should match the size of your booth. Traditionally, carpet is cut in 9' rolls, so carpet sizes come in 9'x10', 9'x20', etc. increments. This carpet will accommodate both an 8'x10' and a 10'x10' booth just fine. If you feel that you want carpet to cover your entire booth space, American Exposition Services provides special carpet sizes that are individually cut to match the size you request.

Q: What is the difference between Standard Carpet and Deluxe Carpet?
A: Standard Carpet has a tighter fit, usually 11-13 oz., which is less expensive and only comes in standard colors. Deluxe Carpet has a thicker pile, usually 28 oz. and is special ordered from a more broad choice of colors and is more costly.

Q: If I have an Island booth, can I order the standard carpet in 9' cuts?
A: No, if you have an island or peninsula booth or need multiple lengths of the same color, you must order custom cut-to-fit carpet or Deluxe carpet. The carpet will be color matched and cut to fit your booth space.

Q: Do I have to order labor to install my carpet order?
A: Labor is included in the rental price of the carpet.

Q: Can I bring my own carpet?
A: Yes, you may bring your own carpet. Please check to ensure that labor is not required for the installation. Different cities have different rules and this will be noted in the exhibitor packet.

Q: What is visqueen and do I need it?
A: Visqueen is a plastic covering for the carpet to protect it from tire marks or general abuse during set up. It is not required.