Event Testimonials

  • "I have been participating in trade shows for over 55 years.  My first assignment was when I was five, standing with my father in a jewelry booth in a starched dress and patent leather shoes.  Those were before the days of light weight exhibit systems. I say this only by way of historical reference and to let it be known, that in my lengthy experience doing trade shows, I haven't come across a better exhibit service company than AES.  They are friendly, fun, accommodating, and fast to respond with good products at a fair price. And they get their numbers right on your invoice.  I don't know what more you could ask for.  They have my vote."

Linda M. Anderson


"My experience with AES through my tenure at the Convention Center has always been a positive one.  Local company, 'can-do' attitude', friendly guys.  Go the 'extra mile' to help move supplies to different parts of the facility even though their contract requires unloading only at the exhibit hall."

Melanie Medina

Association of California Water Agencies

In the late 1990's ACWA approached us with the task of servicing two conferences per year and each at a different venue. Their concern was how to provide consistent service at a value for their show management needs as well as their nearly 100 exhibitors while moving their event around California.

Priced below the majority of the industry's leading contractors, American Exposition Services was a perfect fit for the semi-annual ACWA Conference. Establishing rapport with the show management and exhibitors alike is essential when working together multiple times a year. This relationship breeds comfort, reliability, consistency and value….all of which are essential in the event industry.

Over ten years and twenty Conferences later we still look forward to servicing the ACWA events. In the Fall of 2010 we will enjoy celebrating with ACWA their Centennial celebration in Palm Springs. As the event has progressed and grown our service policy remains consistent…..every six months we have the opportunity to prove ourselves once again!